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Royal Oak's Tome Software innovates for safer cycling

Cyclists in Oakland County are pedaling along the many new bike lanes, as biking-for-transportation increases in popularity. We spoke with Jake Sigal of Tome Software about his company’s efforts to make cyclists safer on the roads.


Autonomous vehicles will impact the environment, but how?

As the Detroit region leads the charge in electric, connected, and autonomous vehicle innovation, environmental stakeholders are asking questions about how a radically new way of moving people, goods, and services will impact the environment.

Phil Bertolini

How connected and autonomous vehicles will change your life for the better

By improving safety and efficiency of transportation, mobility has the potential to change lives for the better. In addition to offering more options for getting around, mobility will spur a big rethink about how we operate in cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

University of Michigan

Self-driving security: How Detroit leads the way in automotive cybersecurity

The burgeoning world of connected and autonomous vehicles provides hackers a plethora of lucrative opportunities, ranging from stealing credit card information from a vehicle to abusing vehicle-to-infrastructure systems to break into a car owner's garage or house. Fortunately, there are many in Metro Detroit's automotive cybersecurity sector who are working feverishly to prepare defenses against such attacks.

Connected Vehicle Task Force

Oakland County supports development of innovative autonomous vehicle network pilot program

Oakland County is seeking bids from providers who have the ability to plan, build, deploy and maintain a pilot connected autonomous vehicle network that would ultimately make driving safer at no cost to taxpayers.

Business Aviation Expo

Business Aviation Expo soars higher

Corporate executives can learn how business aviation can help their companies reach new heights at the Business Aviation Expo on Thursday, Sept. 22 at Oakland County International Airport (OCIA) in Waterford.


Your 2016 guide to the new and next on Metro Detroit's trails

Metro Detroit is home to over 1,000 miles of trails—with even more being planned and built every year. Here's what to expect as you plan your next non-motorized adventure.


Guest Blogger: Tom Woiwode

Metro Detroit is inching ever closer to being criss-crossed not just by roads, but a network of trails, or greenways. The Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan has made over 150 grants to this end. Greenways Initiative Director Tom Woiwode maps out the where and why of this greenway network.

New World Trailer from Kentucky Trailer

Kentucky Trailer Opens a New Facility in New Hudson

If you've ever seen a semi truck on the road, you've seen a Kentucky Trailer. Kentucky Trailer is the nation's leading custom trailer manufacturer, manufacturing trucks and trailers for a slew of storage and moving facilities. This week they celebrate the grand opening of their new Kentucky Trailer Paint and Reconditioning facility in New Hudson. 

Clinton River Trail

Let Oak Routes Guide You to Better Living

It’s hardly a secret that quality of life is inextricably tied to health and wellness, including having easy access to outlets for outdoor physical activity. Oakland County understands that, and makes great efforts to be able to offer residents of its many communities safe and free options to encourage health, wellness, and an overall greater quality of life.

Heather Seyfarth, Mark Rabinsky, and Steven Cohen with a Volt

Metro Detroit Leads The Way On PEVS

Michigan's plug-in electric vehicle industry is poised to churn out more and more of the long-awaited, zero-emission vehicles. As the market grows, the AnnArbor-based Clean Energy Coalition and its partners are leading a statewide effort to make sure Michigan communities are not only ready for the rush but leading the nation in policies and practices.

Charter Sponsors, LaFontaine Family Members & Mayor O’Reilly

Adopt-a-Watt Brings Bright Ideas to Oakland County

You’ve heard of the Adopt-a-Highway Program, right? Royal Oak-based Adopt-a-Watt functions in much the same way. Instead of sponsoring the maintenance of highways, corporate sponsors fund energy efficient and green technologies.

Interior of the Oakland International Airport

Oakland County International Airport debuts new green terminal

Michigan’s first “green” airport terminal opened August 23 at the Oakland County International Airport (OCIA).   “This terminal is the gateway to Oakland County,” said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor about the terminal that will give travelers a positive impression of our region.”

A Better Landing

Overlooked for years, Oakland County Airport is getting a much-needed face-lift in order to live up to its title as Michigan's second busiest airport. The terminal's multi-million dollar upgrade will soon match the Fortune 500 execs, rock stars, trade missions, and elite clientele the airport caters to every day.

Metromode: Sharing Woodward Avenue

Automobiles have done a lot of good for Michigan. But for Woodward Avenue, not so much. As the value of dense and vital downtowns becomes increasingly evident, leaders are rethinking the auto-only policies and practices of Metro Detoit's transportation spine.
15 Articles | Page:
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